School Officers To Learn Crisis Plans

JONESBORO — Some area schools’ resource officers will be heading to North Little Rock July 21-23 to attend the 10th Annual Arkansas Safe Schools Conference.
This year’s conference is titled “Preparing for the Unexpected… Is Your School Ready?” and will feature Alissa Parker, co- founder of Safe & Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative, and her husband Russ.
Cpl. Russ Manning, a Jonesboro police officer and Nettleton school re¬source officer, said this conference is expected to be one of the best yet.
“We have all these dif¬ferent speakers coining out and will get to learn about how other schools are making sure their students are safe,” Manning said.
The conference will also hold several sessions thai school resource officers can attend

“The point of the con¬ference Ls to learn what other schools are doing,” Manning said. “We want to sec what is working and what Isn’t working and how we can fix things.”
School officers will also be looking at crisis plans.

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